Trevor Sloughter

Tuesday, March 17 2020 at 7:30PM

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8 Friar Lane,

Trevor Sloughter

What's the talk about?

Climate science is one of the most diverse fields of research spanning from statistical physics of air molecules to geology and geochemistry of million year old rock formations. The aim of this talk is to illuminate through discussion some of how the small scale is done (say, measuring an air bubble in an ice core), how it's built up into the large scale (through statistics, modelling, and meta-analysis), and some of the history that has led to the present consensus.

Trevor Sloughter is a research associate at Oxford's Department of Zoology who is also completing a PhD in ecological modelling of sub-Arctic seas at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. He's been working in ecological modelling since his Master's in Geosciences out of a peculiar fascination with epistemology and philosophy of science.